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It is predicted by the United Nations that solving the global hunger crisis will alleviate many more of the world’s greatest issues, expectedly lowering crime rates, slowing heart disease, decreasing violence, ending the obesity epidemic, reducing inequalities, and many more.


Seeds of Hope works to end global hunger and reconstruct the agricultural industry by sending vegetable seeds to schools, orphanages, and churches overseas as a reliable source of nutrients. The seeds not only provide recipients with healthy food, but they are used as a learning tool to help youth learn entrepreneurial skills and earn a profit, in turn feeding even more people while also equipping younger generations with the skills needed to sustain both income and nutrition.


Ideally, Seeds of Hope is preventing food insecurity in years to come. To date, we have delivered eight Seeds of Hope shipments to five different countries and territories, and we are only getting started.


If you are looking for resources to grow healthy food, please contact us to request a Seed shipment.

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