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A Story of Hope

Founded in 2018, Seeds of Hope is a new organization rising to the forefront of the global hunger crisis. We believe that all people, no matter age or background, have the power to change the world.

The journey of Seeds of Hope began when founder Isabel Povey was only seven years old and experienced the moment that would change her life forever. After a dinner out with family in Boston, she noticed a homeless man on the street and instantly stopped to give him her leftovers. The very next day, she asked her parents if she could visit their local soup kitchen but was turned away by staff and told she was too young to help. Knowing she needed to do something for more people like that man on the street, she refused to let this stop her and went home to decorate thirty placemats for everyone being served at that soup kitchen.

As Isabel got older, she continued to serve her community, spending weekends in food pantries and knocking on her neighbors’ front doors to ask if they had any cans to spare. She advocated for the cause to anyone that would listen, beginning with her parents and eventually climbing all the way to the New Hampshire legislature.

By the time she reached eighth grade, it was clear that this was her purpose and she was ready to take her efforts worldwide. When Isabel heard of a village in Tonga battling food insecurity, knowing she couldn’t send cans of soup overseas, she decided the next best thing would be to try sending a few packets of vegetable seeds. As a result of the success those seeds brought the village and an unexpected outpouring of generosity from Isabel’s community, she continued on this path and soon achieved official non-profit status allowing her to take on this project full time by age 15.

Three years since that first shipment, Seeds of Hope has reached eight different countries and territories, provided nearly 30,000 meals to families around the world, and created a team of hundreds of volunteers of all ages. Actively serving locally in the New England area, nationally across the United States, and in countries all across the globe, there is always something new on the horizon. This story of Hope is just beginning and none of our success would ever be possible without the support of so many.

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